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Kushiyara News is an Online News Portal (Bangla.KushiyaraNews.Com). It brings you the latest news around the world 24 hours a day and 7 days in week. It focuses most on Kushiyara River belt. Kushiyara news reflects the views of the people of our country. KUSHIYARA NEWS is committed to the people of country; it also serves for millions of people around the world and meets their news thirst.

The Editorial Policy of Kushiyara News strongly maintains QUALITY JOURNALISM, NON-PARTISM, GENDER BALANCE AND PROGRESSIVE VIEWS. Our Investigative team works on exclusive issues to dig up to the background information of any event. Through this we ensure the coverage of daily events and 360 degree narratives of topical issues. Besides Economy and Business beat our focus on Entertainment, Sports, ICT, Science& Technology is considered as SPECIAL.